Join the Cycling+Yoga Club


Joining the club and start combining Cycling + Yoga on a consistent basis. Membership affords you attendance to any planned weekly Cycling+Yoga sessions and any yoga class. We have several packages that all offer complete flexibility.

Your membership also includes discounts on Cycling+Yoga Retreats, Yoga Retreat and Private Yoga sessions. With El Nino we are not currently offering and yoga in the park sessions, however once spring arrives, we will resume our programs. 

            WINTER SPECIAL for NEW members: 5 sessions for just $20.00. (that's only $4.00 a session.)


You can join three easy ways:

1- Sign up on the contact page and drop in for a FREE session. Go to the classes page select a date and sign in for free class.

2- Purchase a block of sessions that do not expire for 2 years from the purchase date.



  •      5 for $20.00(NEW CLIENTS ONLY)
  •     10 sessions for $99.00         
  •     20 Sessions for $ 159.00
  •     30 sessions for $225.00
  •     50 sessions for $349.00 (Includes a complimentary $95.00 CYCLING+YOGA Jersey)  

3- Call Mary @ (949) 600-3273* and book over the phone.