Private Introductions to Yoga:

This is done in my private studio and is a great starting place for anyone who has specific health concerns, or who has never practiced yoga previously.  You will learn proper alignment in a specific yoga class tailored for your needs.

Appointment only: 75 min. session- $80.00

                                       90 min. session $95.00


 Special Event/On Location Yoga:

This is done at your location and is subject to location, size of the group and travel required. The class would include yoga asanas specific to group experience as well as a chakra clearing meditation.

Submit a contact form with details about group, location and class length for pricing. 

Private Chakra Clearing/Crystal/Reiki Healing Session:

This is done in my private studio and is a hands on healing for anyone who desires greater energy flow, to quiet the mind, reduce physical strain and overall wellness. I use Singing Bowl Sisters Chakra Balancing Oils and chakra balancing crystals along with USUI SHIKI RYOKO System of Reiki, which is an energy transfer for healing and clearing, followed by a guided chakra clearing meditation.

Appointment only: 60 min. session- $ 60.00

                                       90 min. session$85.00 


Additional Yoga Services: